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For Coaches that want to explore and go deeper into the psych/social aspect of coaching and leadership

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£90(ex vat) monthly this would be recurring

What do people say?

The high paced nature of our organisation often leads to individuals not having the time to complete training or to take the time to really follow up and embed the learnings of development work. This was quite the opposite with Donnie who achieved an unprecedented level of engagement and desire by each of the management team to not just learn but to follow up and maintain the momentum from each of the sessions which is having a notable effect in a short space of time.
Tom Brennan
Managing Director
Donald very expertly led a workshop of young Highland apprentices in The Mental Game as part of Scotland's first Apprentice Conference. His inspirational input encouraged the young people to move out with their own comfort zones and take an action based approach to setting and achieving their own goals. I was part of the group and the audience was actively engaged with Donald's slick delivery. Feedback from the session was extremely positive with several young people discussing plans to take to the next level personally. Donald and his session was a great investment for the young apprentices !
Anthony Standing
SDS Head of Region (North)
“Donald played a key role in contributing towards the preparation of the most successful British Winter Paralympic team to date. Without exception, all members of the Paralympic Alpine Ski Team achieved personal best performances at Sochi 2014 resulting in an historic and record smashing bronze, three silvers, and a gold using methods and techniques taught and supported by Donald”
Tony McAllister
Ex -Head Coach British Paralympic Alpine Ski Team

What do people say?

“Don MacNaughton…Valued, insightful and mentoring for a world class offering”…
Greig Paterson
The Scottish FA
Don MacNaughton…Transforms, intuitive and Effectice”…
Terry Butcher
Manager Inverness C.T. 2009 -2013
Donald MacNaughton …talented, intelligent, versatile professional…
Craig Mulholland
Rangers FC