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The Inner Game
Mental Tools Series

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Learn powerful game-changing mental skills with the
"The Inner Game" Mental Tools Series​

Having worked across the world as High-Performance Coach in professional soccer for the last 17 years with players and coaches from the EPL, SPL, and MLS.

I have noticed the increasing importance of Mindset, Confidence and Resilience for players to get the most out of their talent in the modern game.

This is a pre registration offer for a programme which will be available the end of August 2020 and be sold for £97 .

The Inner Game Mental Tools Series will be a video series taking you through .




For Soccer Players and Coaches

The video programme will be available end of August 2020 and the programme is not available immediately when you sign up .

What is the


£27(incl vat) Early Bird Price

What do people say?

“Don MacNaughton…Valued, insightful and mentoring for a world class offering”…
Greig Paterson
The Scottish FA
Don MacNaughton…Transforms, intuitive and Effectice”…
Terry Butcher
Manager Inverness C.T. 2009 -2013
Donald MacNaughton …talented, intelligent, versatile professional…
Craig Mulholland
Rangers FC