Don MacNaughton Coaching

Your Next Move

Unlock Your Post-Athletic Potential: Navigate the Transition from Sports to Entrepreneurship, Media Influence or Coaching.

Leverage your success in sports for your next career move with confidence, clarity and purpose.

This is Your Next Move

Your Next Move Includes

Tailored Career Guidance

Personalized strategies to define and pursue your next career goal beyond athletics.

Business Insight

Identify and leverage valuable experiences from your sports career to establish a successful business venture.

Confidence Building

Develop the self-assurance needed to confidently navigate post-athletic endeavors.

Diverse Opportunities

Explore pathways such as entrepreneurship, media influence, coaching, or other lucrative avenues.

Holistic Support:

Comprehensive assistance in transitioning from athlete to successful professional, ensuring stability for you and your family.


“Don has a unique gift that enables him to connect with people very quickly and understand their individual needs. I’ve personally found many performance or leadership coaches use language that can be difficult to interpret or takes time to really understand the point. Don uses of scenarios and analogies directly related to your background and interests so you can instantly understand what’s being articulated. We came away with new energy, alignment and excitement”
Tom Brennan
Chief Executive, Vertech
“Don gives you the tools to really nail down your goals and achieve the results that you want (and are capable of) whilst also giving you the techniques for managing/coping with the more challenging times”
Katie Powell
Learning and Development Manager, Dolphin Drilling

Roger Cruickshank
Fighter Pilot and Olympic Skier

Programme Details and Pricing

  • Individualized coaching for 10 weeks

    Weekly / bi-weekly video calls customized to your schedule

  • Email support with direct access to Don throughout

  • Individualized personality profile assessments for career choices

  • Free access and enrolment into Don’s authentic marketing video trainings

Meet Your Coach

Don is a High Performance Coach who specializes in working with professional athletes from a diverse range of individual and team sports. With an honors degree in sport studies and business, Don integrates sports psychology, neuroscience, leadership skills, and talent development to help athletes seamlessly transition from their sports careers to their next big venture. His coaching is driven by a deep understanding of the athlete’s mindset, ensuring a smooth and successful career transition. He is also the author of two best-selling books, “The 12 Hidden Laws of Performance” and “Talent Unlimited,” which delve into the secrets of peak performance and talent development