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Powertalk 101

Affirmations for Football Performance Success

Monitoring and using effective "Self Talk "is vital for developing strong , robust , resilient players

This “No Fluff” report gives you the real work strategies to world with immediately with your players , children or coaches.

In my experience working as a performance coach with thousands of players at some of the biggest clubs in the country how you speak to yourself in your head often interferes with having the best performance you can . Or at its worst stops you moving to the next level of your career.

Affirmations are a powerful strategy to add to your mind management toolbox to quieten doubts and guide the unconscious mind to a more positive place to enable you to play the game you are capable of.

Get my comprehensive no fluff Cheat sheet which gives you the fundamentals of how and why affirmations work and powerful techniques for you to use as a player or a coach to use with their players..

I have used these techniques successfully with Olympians , Full International teams , First team and youth players .

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