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“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

— Lord Alfred Tennyson

The Science of Human Excellence

A Blend of Business Strategy , Sports Psychology and Performance Coaching

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever. Sports psychology principles are extremely effective when applied to business performance coaching. The reason? Sports psychology focuses on mental preparation and strength, teamwork and collaboration, efficacy and results. These same principles are vital for success in the business world, where you must adopt a strategy that blends proactive and reactive elements.
“The keys to success are total preparation, supported by performance focus, commitment and the ability and confidence to overcome obstacles,” MacNaughton explained.
He added, “any business leaders are discovering there is much to be gleaned from the thinking patterns and thought processes of top sportsmen and women.”
Over the years, MacNaughton has worked with a wide range of clients throughout the business world. These experiences, combined with his  executive coaching and leadership skills, makes MacNaughton the perfect choice for anyone who is seeking a leadership consultation or performance coaching programme.

Promoting Leadership and Resiliency

In a time of economic difficulties and uncertainty in the business world, traits such as  resiliency, adaptability and strong leadership skills are extremely useful to businessmen, executives and business owners. MacNaughton works hard to develop these traits in his high-performance coaching clients, as they allow individuals to advance and thrive in the business world, even during a time of uncertainty.

“More demands are being placed on leaders now than ever before,” MacNaughton said, adding, “The higher you get in an organisation ,the easier it can be to lose that sense of who you are under the unrelenting pressure of results. Good coaching helps leaders re-discover themselves and the commitments behind what keeps them in their organisations.”

In addition to working with senior executives and business owners, MacNaughton is also actively involved in coaching the emerging generation of business leaders. He believes it’s essential to integrate quickly without losing a clear sense of who they are as individuals. A growing number of businesses are recognising this and are seriously investing in personal development and coaching for those who are new to leadership roles. These individuals bring a fresh perspective, innovation and energy….It’s these businesses that really stand out in terms of adaptability and performance. These organisations won’t just weather the economic storm. They’ll grow and prosper. Zoned in Performance gives you the skills you need to achieve this.

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