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Nurture Your Positive Mental Energy


“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle

There’s an inextricable link between the energy you put out into the atmosphere through your thoughts and the energy that comes back to you in return.

If you’re sending out positive energy by thinking positively, you attract positive energy in return.

Positive energy tends to bring positive things into your life; it shows itself as the things you’re focusing on achieving. However, if you’re sending out negative energy by thinking negatively, you tend to attract negative energy in return. If you’re focusing only on the negative,  negative things can come into your life, and this is simply because negativity is all you’re focused on and in turn that is what you notice more.

The Thoughts in Your Head

Think about it for a moment… If two people are being interviewed for one job and they both have the same qualifications and experience on paper, which one will get the job?

  • The one who walks in with thoughts of, “I don’t know why I’m even here. They’re going to hate my ideas. What if they ask me questions I can’t answer? I’m going to look like such an idiot…”
  • Or, the one who walks in with thoughts of, “I’m really looking forward to this. What an opportunity. I’m really excited about getting their feedback on my ideas. I hope they ask me to tell them more about them so that I get a chance to shine…”

You could argue that the one who gets the job is simply the one who is deemed to be the best match on the day, but that’s just it – what if the thoughts in your head on the day it really matters do not allow you to demonstrate the perfect match that you really are?

It happens. Students who are consistent performers in everyday classwork can “flunk” every formal exam they sit. World-class athletes who have been consistently putting in world-class performances in training can fail to put in anything like their best effort on the day that it really matters and therefore fail to achieve their true potential in a major competition. Learner drivers can flawlessly perform every mandatory manoeuvre in every lesson, and then totally stuff up every one of them on the day of the driving test. You see, the thoughts in your head at any given moment have a direct impact on the actions you take at any given moment.

If you walk into an interview with negative, defeatist thoughts in your head, you present yourself often as a negative, self-doubting person. The way you think of yourself affects the way others think of you. If you’re thinking negatively, you’re generating negative energy that everyone who comes into contact with you can feel, and you’re also generating a negative inner world that is going to be reflected in your outer world – your reality.

Whatever you focus on, you give energy to.

The thoughts in your head about your potential to succeed can limit your actual success.

If you want to get that job, you need to stop thinking of yourself as someone who won’t get the job. Your thoughts effectively become self-fulfilling prophecies, so changing your outer world begins with changing your inner world… change your mind energy from negative to positive and take positive actions


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