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An exceptional communicator whose ability to inspire and engage is guaranteed to give your people energy and motivation. Donald has helped thousands of people in the business, corporate, community and education worlds to change the way their people think – and act.

A motivational speaker who will take your people to another level and inspire them to take action. Donald’s story enables people to identify with real-life experiences and then see how they can move forward and take the steps that will give them the freedom to succeed at whatever they choose.

If you want to add something unusual, inspiring and challenging to your next event book the motivational speaker, Don MacNaughton.

Don is available for business, community, and educational events.

“I can recommend Donald – he gave an engaging and insightful talk on the ‘mindset’ required to bring entrepreneurial ideas to life and make them happen as a keynote speaker at our recent UHI Business Competition Awards. His message was clear in that high-performance learning is gained from all areas of our lives and that to succeed you need to fail often, engage with your team, get stuck in, never give up and just do it! Donald always delivers high-quality outputs whether workshops, presentations or one to one coaching – he can unlock potential where it’s required’

Carol Langston
Head of Create, University of Highlands and Islands

What do people say?

“Don MacNaughton…Valued, insightful and mentoring for a world class offering”…
Greig Paterson
The Scottish FA
Don MacNaughton…Transforms, intuitive and Effectice”…
Terry Butcher
Manager Inverness C.T. 2009 -2013
Donald MacNaughton …talented, intelligent, versatile professional…
Craig Mulholland
Rangers FC