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Interview with Barry Wilson

Q)Biggest Influence in your Career?
A)The biggest influence in my career would have to be my Dad. He was my first manager at Ross County and supported me throughout my career, giving advice and help when I needed it.

Q)Hardest Challenge you overcame in your career?
A)I had quite a few challenges, when I started obviously I was the son of the manager which caused problems, Sometimes with our fans and on a couple of occasions with teammates if I was picked in front of them. 
Then when I signed for ICT at first, coming from Raith but being ex-Ross County I had to win the fans over and though we won the league the first season It was one of my poorest for the club.
The final challenge was Old Father Time, I played on until 38 at Inverness but if I hadn’t listened to Craig Brewster regarding fitness I would have been done at 34. It was hard work but very much worth it at the end.

Q)Whats one message you would give to young players today?
A)The one message I would give is just to Work hard, go that extra yard by staying behind and working on weaknesses and enjoy it. 
When you are 18/19 you think you will play forever but it’s amazing how quick your career can come to an end, either by injury or just age.


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