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Focus Your Thinking and Energy Positively

“The amount of effort you put in is the amount of results you end up with.” – Catherine Pulsifer

Like attracts like. If you’re sending out positive energy, you attract positive energy in return, and if you’re sending out negative energy, you tend to negative energy in return. Sounds simple enough, but where does the positive or negative energy you’re sending out come from? The answer is your thoughts.

Positive energy is generated through thinking positively. However, sitting around thinking about positive things is not enough on its own to bring those things into your life. For example, let’s say it’s your dream to be able to go on a luxury cruise. Sitting around thinking positive thoughts about how wonderful it would be to sail off on a luxury holiday is not going to get you any closer to achieving that dream if you don’t act on those thoughts.

Every positive effort attracts a positive return.

When your thoughts are positive, the actions you take are positive, and positive actions bring positive outcomes.

The key to getting positive returns is to put in a positive effort – and keep doing it.

So, using the dream holiday scenario, thinking about going on a luxury cruise is certainly a positive starting point. Those thoughts generate positive “feelgood” emotions, but turning the dream into a reality is going to take action… repeated action. You feel good about the idea of going on a dream holiday, so use those positive thoughts and emotions to drive the actions you need to take to make the dream your reality.

Those actions might include starting a savings plan and putting aside a set amount of money each week, or it could be having a huge clear-out of unwanted items and having a garage sale, or taking on an extra part-time, weekend or evening job to help boost your savings… these are the type of actions that qualify as positive efforts, but, of course, successfully achieving any goal is never the result of just one action.

To realise your dream, you’re going to need to keep saving and/or keep earning a little extra to keep moving toward your goal.

Unless your prepared to keep putting in the positive efforts required to keep moving in the direction you want to go, you’re going to be stuck where you are dreaming of the results you want but never actually achieving them.

Action is crucial, but the actions you take want to be  fuelled by positive thoughts.

Remember, like attracts like, so keep your thoughts focused on the positives of achieving your goal.

If you allow negative thoughts such as, “I’ll never manage to save up enough to go on a luxury cruise,” to creep in, then the negative energy you’re sending out can only ever attract negative energy in return.

Actions fuelled by negative thoughts often result in negative efforts.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions,” so keep your mind focused on the results you want and you’re already attracting those results into your life – use your mind as a magnet.

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