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Finding Your Motivation

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Steven King

Nothing is going to happen without the motivation to make it happen, so where does motivation come from?

Motivation comes from passion, and passion goes hand-in-hand with inspiration. To find your motivation, you need to discover what inspires you… what is it that you really want to achieve in life?

“When you choose the right horizon in life and you start to be pushed by your passion, every day is a great opportunity to meet happiness.” – Alex Zanardi

Alex Zanardi won gold in the 2012 London Paralympics, competing in the H4 handcycling time trial. The event took place on the track at Brands Hatch, the same track he’d raced around in an F1 car before losing both his legs in a high-speed crash in 2001. So, where did his motivation to put in the years of training to achieve Olympic gold come from? The answer is his passion. Alex began handcycling to keep himself in shape and to be able to keep motor racing in a specially adapted car. His skills developed as he worked hard, and he worked hard because he remained passionate about motor racing. In 2016, he achieved gold in the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, and he’s planning to compete in the 2020 Paralympics in Japan – he is well and truly pushed by his passion.

In 2017, F4 racing driver Billy Monger, known as Billy Whizz, lost both his legs in a high-speed crash. Only a matter of months later, he was back behind the wheel in a specially adapted car, sending out a clear message that he remained committed to a career in motor racing. In 2018, he made a return to racing and was awarded the Helen Rollason Award for outstanding achievement in the face of adversity at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards. What’s his motivation? Passion.

“All the support just makes me more determined to get back in the car and win again. That’s my goal.”Billy Monger

What is it that motivates successful people to achieve, even when the odds seemed stacked against them? Motivation can be a complex subject, but something all successful people have in common is passion for what they do. Successful people love what they do and do what they love.

The best form of motivation is self-motivation, and when you combine self-motivation with commitment, you’re in poll position to achieve extraordinary success. Finding your motivation will always come right back around to discovering what inspires you. What do you love, and what do you really want to achieve in life, and are you committed enough and brave enough to make it happen?

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