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by Joanna Remmington

One on One Coaching Sessions

I provide a personalized life coaching experience.

My education as PhD of Psychiatry enables me to find the most appropriate approach for every individuality and given problem.

I believe we are happier, more successful, and more productive when we follow our heart and intuition. 

You already know where we truly want to be and who you truly want to become! I will help you find this path and will help guide you along to a happier and more productive life.

New Families

When you’re with your family, do you feel something is missing? Could you do better, be better for your closest? You can do and feel better.

8 Weeks / Starting at $899

Confidence Boosting

The talk that might change the way you think about the gratitude for yourself and others that will lead you to a genuine and comfortable communication style.

4 Weeks / Starting at $499

Goal Achievement

Wonder how to improve your productivity without any burnouts and at the same time feel you career goes the right way? Yes, that can be achieved!

8 Weeks / Starting at $599

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