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Donald MacNaughton is a widely-recognized consultant, top-selling author, and keynote speaker and the founder of the High-Performance consulting firm Zoned In Performance. A leader in his field, Don integrates sports psychology, neuroscience, leadership skills, and talent development to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their highest performance levels. Don is also the author of two best-selling guides to self-development entitled, “The 12 Hidden Laws of Performance” and “Talent Unlimited”.

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 Rangers F.C & Building International Relationships in Football

“It’s not just about developing footballers; it’s about impacting young people positively and building relationships.” – Gary Gibson Gary Gibson is Head of Soccer Academies and International Relations at Rangers Football Club in Glasgow. His football journey, like many others, began as a youngster playing football with his pals before school, after school, and in …

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The Perfect Manager

“Bobby Robson set the standards very, very high, but ‘wow’, we had a bit of fun on the way. It was an incredible environment.” – Terry Butcher I think it’s fair to say that any football fan is going to have their own opinion of who is, or at least what it takes, to be …

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Only One Maradona

“The world has lost a legend.” – Pelé Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60 and the football world is in mourning. Of course, Maradona’s fame is such that even non-football fans around the globe know his name, adding weight to Pelé’s statement: “The world has lost a legend.” On the announcement of …

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Unconscious Bias

“The Unconscious is selective , when it learns what to listen for” Author  Philip K Dick As the name suggests, you’re not necessarily aware of an unconscious bias, but it’s something that’s there all the same. It’s part of daily life, and it’s there whenever you make quick judgements about other people without giving them …

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Old Brain, New Thinking

“He who takes no chances wins nothing.” – Danish Proverb There’s a primitive part of your brain that’s often referred to as the lizard brain, or reptilian brain, and its only concern is survival. It’s the ancient part that has allowed us, as humans, to act on instinct and avoid danger, thereby survive and evolve …

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