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Roger Cruickshank "Sqn Ldr R A Cruickshank DFC CFS RAF"


Sqn Ldr Roger Cruickshank (35) is a 2 (AC) Sqn Eurofighter Typhoon pilot currently based at RAF Lossiemouth. He has served in the RAF for 16 years and has been deployed all over the world. 

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in the Operational Honours List 2017 for an act of bravery. Roger is an Olympian who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics Downhill and Super G Alpine Skiing events. Though not without complication, as he had a big ski crash just 10 months before the Olympics, which resulted in 9 titanium pins and a plate being used to reconstruct his leg. He also has 4 metal coils in his face after a mountain bike crash which required reconstructive facial surgery. On both occasions he lost his medical category that allowed him to be a pilot, having to fight back to full fitness and pass extensive testing to achieve his dream of being a fighter pilot.  He has been campaigning towards mental health awareness for the last 7 years and recently wrote a book called, “Speed of Sound, Sound of Mind”. His various charity work, including selling around 750 copies of his book worldwide, has raised £9000 for multiple charities including the Scottish Association of Mental Health, Help 4 Heroes and Heads Together”