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Delighted that today’s guest in “The Dressing Room” is Amy MacDonald ex-Scotland, Celtic & Glasgow City Captain before moving into coaching with Glasgow City and the Scotland women’s national setup.


Q Biggest Influence in your Career?

This is a question I have thought long and hard about. I would like to give two answers. As a player, I was heavily influenced by Shelley Kerr, Pauline Hamill, and many others and obviously with Anna coming into the Scottish game, it was a mentality shift. Shelley drove standards. Whether it be on or off the pitch. She was feared. She was passionate, strong and had such a winning mentality. It was great to play with and alongside such strong characters of the Scottish Women’s game. They were all so different but it worked for them. It worked for the team.

When I became a coach the biggest influence I had was Eddie Wolecki Black. He challenged me and changed my thinking. He made me a better player and then laterally a better coach. He set the highest of standards both off and on the pitch and would question your thinking and approach. If it wasn’t for Eddie then I would not have become Head of Youth at Glasgow City FC. I will be forever grateful for that.

Q Hardest Challenge you overcame in your career?

I think being injured and having to accept not playing again. I ruptured my lateral ligament and the surgeon told me to stop because if I continued I would have serious long-term problems. When you stop playing, you lose your identity. For me, I went from Amy that plays for Scotland or Glasgow City or Celtic to just Amy. That is a hard journey to go on. When your life is defined by sport but it is one many of us go through. I am fortunate that I then had people who asked me to help the youth academy and I flung myself into that. However, it took me a long time to accept that as my new path. Transitions are difficult no matter when you go through them but it offers a great opportunity for learning.

Q. Whats one message you would give to young players today.?

To work hard. No matter how great people say you are or you think you are it is never enough. It will never be enough. You must drive your own personal standards. No matter where you are or what club you are at. It is not about them, it is about you. Take responsibility. If a coach doesn’t play you then find out why and improve. Don’t take the easy option and leave. WORK HARD. 

scotlandA picture that is special to you about the game and reason.

I love this picture of Jo Love. It’s the equivalent of Scott Brown against Messi or Ronaldo. Scottish women’s football has been on such a journey over the years and this was one of the first times we traveled to America to play the best. It epitomizes what Scotland stands for a fight, passion, and bravery. David and Goliath. 


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