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About Donald MacNaughton

Donald MacNaughton is a widely-recognized consultant, top-selling author and keynote speaker specializing in the area of High Performance. A leader in his field, Don integrates psychology, leadership skills and talent development to help individuals and organizations achieve their highest performance levels.

The founder of the High Performance consulting firm Zoned In Performance, Don has a long established reputation for applying the latest thinking in sports psychology, neuroscience and team dynamics to enhance business and sporting performance. With a practical application of sports psychology into everyday life, he equips his clients with the tools necessary to sharpen mental skills. To that end, Don has helped clients develop the mindset required for performance excellence in sport and business alike.

As a performance coach in Scotland, Don has worked tirelessly to help clients achieve astounding records in the world of sport. Since its founding 10 years ago his consultancy firm has improved the success of a wide number of household name clients. These recognizable clients include coaches, elite athletes and governing bodies in association with football, skiing, snowboarding, cycling and motorsport.

One such recognizable client is the SFA Scottish Football Association with whom he has worked since 2006 as a Coach Development consultant. Taking his expertise further, Don has also worked with the national governors of the Irish Football Association (FAI). Addressing the special talents of goalkeeping coaches, he has been a consultant for the FAI’s Coach Education programme. In keeping with these highly-recognizable organizations, Don has provided Mental Skills Consultancy for the Rugby Football League (RFL) since 2006 as well.

Helping athletes achieve success in winter sports, Don has worked with Olympians and Para Olympians as well as the British Association of Ski Instructors. Helping competitors handle the pressures and demands of preparing for a major competition, he provides tailored High Performance coaching packages. Taking his integral, unified approach to the British Disabled Elite Ski Team, he was part of the effort that successfully brought the British Skiing athletes to the March 2014 Winter Paralympics held in Sochi, Russia.

Noel Baxter, who is a retired G.B. World Cup and Olympic Skier now having success as an International Ski Coach commented on Don’s essential performance coaching skills, ‘Working with Donald has given me an amazing lift in working towards finding the exact focus. This has allowed me to perform in competition at the levels I know I reach in training. Believing in my ability and instincts for skiing has helped a lot in my approach to racing and getting results I know I’m capable of.”

Don is also the founder of Headshrink Publications specializing in publishing for the sports and business markets. Don is the author of two best-selling guides to self-development entitled, “The 12 Hidden Laws of Performance” and “Talent Unlimited”.

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