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The 12 Hidden laws of Performance

Champion Edition available

Quite a few people have asked if I could make the available 12 Hidden Laws of Performance Champion Edition so here you go ...


Don MacNaughton, respected and sought after by high achievers in sport and business combines his expertise in modern psychological approaches, including NLP, sports coaching and personal development to help you create incredible transformations in your everyday performance. Inside you’ll quickly learn how to:

Develop a bullet-proof champion mindset, take a winning lesson from every challenge and feel invincible when you need it most.

Whether it’s scoring a goal, winning that business negotiation or helping your children to excel, this book shows you how to be a champion in everything you do. “Don has assisted me to think about and positively manage situations and is always present in my approach to my sport and life. The 12 Laws will be a great asset to any athlete looking to master the mental game.” Noel Baxter GB Olympic and World Cup skier

“The 12 Hidden Laws of Performance makes players think because it’s not all about their body, it’s about how they use their body and a big part of that is mental strength and positivity.” John Collins, Ex-Scottish International Football Player

“I have had the honour and privilege of working with
Don McNaughton many times and his work is remarkable. I intend to keep this wonderful book by my side… helping me to help my athletes succeed. If the mental game is what you’re after, you must read this book.”
Dr Jerry Lynch, author of Thinking Body, Dancing Mind


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